Personal computer tablet

Personal computer tablet (Tablet PC) is a computer tablet that contains the main characteristics of personal computers in the tradition of the Tablet PC, Microsoft is operated by the user's machine operators do not interfere computer Tablet PC portable devices with a touch screen as the main input devices and has been designed to be operated and owned by individuals. term was made popular as a concept proposed by Microsoft in 2001, but the pills now, the computer of any reference to personal computers, tablet size, although not using Windows, but the PC operating system. Tablets may use virtual keyboard and handwriting for text input via the touch screen. Acer W500-BZ467 ARCHOS 101 16GB ARCHOS 101 8GB Archos 43 16GB Archos 43 8GB Archos 5 120GB Archos 5 250GB Archos 5 60 GB Archos 70 250GB Archos 70 8GB Archos 7c Archos Arnova 10 Archos Arnova 8

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